danika pienaar x catwalk junkie

Babe talk is a Catwalk Junkie blog series about good vibes girls and women, who live life to the fullest. In these series we take a peek into their life and daily inspirations. 

Meet Catwalk Junkie babe Danika Pienaar. We shot the South African rooted Danika in her own habitat with our photographer Vivian Hoorn for our new Summer'17 collection 'Walking on Sunshine' - on the landscapes and white sand of beautiful Capetown. With only 17 years old she has the face and personality of an angel and the body of a true beachbabe. While she's finishing her last year in school and modeling in her hometown Capetown with Boss Models, she's dreaming of new travel plans and a career in fashion. Read all about our little babe talk we had with Danika!

〰 You seem to live the dream life to the fullest – how did you get into modelling and was this always your dream? 〰 
I was 15 years old when I was playing a heated netball match, and this beautiful lady (Linda) came up to me and asked me if I would be interesting in modeling. At first I did not know what to say , but later on I contacted them and my modeling career bloomed since then. I always wanted to be a model, but I never really expected it to happen. Now I am privileged enough to say that I'm living my dream!

〰 How is life in Capetown? Tell us a bit about growing up here and what do you love most about living here.〰 
I love the vibrant city with all its little shops and fun events. Growing up here I've always loved the beautiful ocean & colorful buildings. The thing I love most about Cape Town is the diversity & cultures. There is something for everyone to do & you'll never get bored of the beautiful beaches and mountains .

〰 Do you love to travel – and if yes; which destination was your favorite so far and why? 〰 
I would love to travel, I haven't traveled yet. Hopefully next year I will be able to see the world with my boyfriend. I would love to see places like Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam and maybe some tropical islands.

〰 Describe a perfect day in your hometown Capetown 〰 
A Sunny day spent at Clifton beach. Tanning , laughing , swimming and having coffee while watching the sunset with my boyfriend pretty much describes my ideal day in Cape Town.

〰 What favorite places would you recommend other Catwalk Junkie babes to eat, sleep and explore in Capetown? 〰 
If you love sushi (which I do) I would recommend Beluga. Take a stroll through Longstreet in Town to visit all the little cute vintage shops and restaurants . Kistenbosch also has amazing live concerts with local bands performing alot .

〰 You are 17 now, where and how can we expect to see you in 10 years from now? 〰 
Hopefully I'll be traveling by then , having a career as a fashion buyer while still pursuing my dream as a model .

〰 How would you describe your style? 〰 
Timeless with a little twist.

〰 What are your beauty secrets? 〰 
Keep it simple, take care of your skin, and embrace your natural features.

〰 What is your favorite Catwalk Junkie piece from the Summer’17 collection? 〰 
I absolutely love the Sangria One piece, it's my favourite!

danika pienaar x catwalk junkie

〰 What words do you live by? 〰 
"Everything happens for a reason"

〰 What or who is your biggest inspiration? 〰 
My parents, they have made me the person that I am and I am forever grateful for the life lessons they have taught me .

〰 If you could give advice to other girls who’re building their dream life, what would it be? 〰 
Do what you love and never give up on your dream. Keep working through the difficult times and before you know it you will be living your dream life.

Follow Danika's journey on Instagram @danikapienaar & check out our Catwalk Junkie Summer'17 Campaign shoot in beautiful Capetown!

danika pienaar x catwalk junkie

danika pienaar x catwalk junkie