There’s no fashion without art. Better said, there is no life without art. Creating soothes the soul, so we are kicking off a new collaboration with inspiring traveling creative and kick-ass power babe: Paint and Pose, aka Marloes. She illustrates our Catwalk Junkie Store window each collection, so it’s about time we take it a bit further. Marloes created 3 Artworks, exclusively for Catwalk Junkie. To bring in good vibes and endless Summer to your home, while the cold strikes in. Perfect moment to ask her all about her aspirations in life and about the artworks she created for you.

The artworks are exclusively available for 19,95 at the Catwalk Junkie Store in Amsterdam (Prinsengracht 419) and online on

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Marloes de Kiewit

(a.k.a Paint and Pose)

Biggest passion in life
Painting and illustrating

Born in
Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Currently living in

After my travels last year, I consciously chose to live as a nomad. So I do not have a permanent place of residence

What words do you live by?
Trust your gut feeling

Last travel destination
A few weeks ago, only for 3 nights to Palma de Mallorca in Spain with a ‘crew’ of 11 close friends. Madness <3

Next travel destination (or dream destination on the bucket list!)
Colombia is very high on my list! Would love to explore and paint there.

It seems like art is really a lifestyle for you, how do you describe a day in the life of Paint and Pose?

The nomad lifestyle brings a lot of planning, unsureness but most of all a free feeling. Every day is different and depends on where I am. I could be sketching, painting, meeting with a new client or working on location. I also spend a lot of time with friends, they feel like 'home' and recharge my battery :)

When did you start creating you art and how did you realize you wanted to be an artist?
When I was little I always doodled little stuf, illustrated clothes, or try to copy the covers of disney movies. I didn’t had the strong passion or desire from a young age, I was more a daydreamer, with my head in the clouds. When I got older I began to realize illustrating always has been my therapy when I wasn’t happy with whatever I was doing. It was right in front of me, and when I finally took the step to start the adventure to find myself as an artist, it all fell into place.

How do you usually get into a creative flow?
The downside of a creative process is that there are days or moments when the mood is just not there. And sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, and then it pops up. Music is key, outdoor walks, talks with creative, ambitious and people with good energy. And even just scrolling to other people’s work gives so many good vibes and inspiration!

Can you tell us more about the prints you created for Catwalk Junkie? How did you create them, what was your inspiration, etc.
For me, Catwalk Junkie brings that sort of summer vibe throughout the whole year. I wanted to combine that with my line- and dotwork. I think I managed that, so hopefully anyone could get that summer feeling into their home with one of these prints :)

Worst question ever: which one of the three is your favorite? And why? :)
If I have to choose, I would go for ‘oceanchild’. I just loved the process of how the drawing has arises from just a few sketch lines. If I look at the result, it gives me a happy feeling.

What can we expect to see more of you and your work in the future? / How do you see your dreams and plans evolve in the future?
I'm hoping traveling and painting on a higher level. I’m dreaming daily about projects here and abroad, to travel, experience different countries and leave something behind. To meet other creative spirits and create even bigger things together.


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Artist: Paint and Pose | Instagram @paintandpose
Shot by: Eve | Catwalk Junkie
Location: Catwalk Junkie Store Amsterdam
Video edit: Fromthezoofilm